Superwoman, Stretching, flexibility, pole dance, pole fitness, dance,  London, Croydon
Superwoman, Pole dance, Showgirl, Feminine, Fitness, London, Croydon
Superwoman, Pole Fitness, upside down, Pole dance, London, Croydon

In all of our group classes only 1 person  to a pole!

 Pole Dance - Mixed Level

Wednesday 7pm with Judit

Friday at 4pm & 6pm with Judit

1 hr session


Saturday at 2pm with Judit

1 hr session


Our group classes are more like semi private classes as we only allow 3 students to each class. In this way you can be sure that you progress in your own rhythm.

Please email us to book a class or if you have any questions at

Exotic Pole Dance Workshop

With sexy heels edition.

Sensual Floor-work / Seductive Chair / Sexy Socks Flow & many more...

Please email us for times and workshop details. We have a different exotic workshop every month.



* To postpone a session is possible with 24 hours notice. Please read our terms and conditions before booking a session