Superwoman, Stretching, flexibility, pole dance, pole fitness, dance,  London, Croydon
Superwoman, Pole dance, Showgirl, Feminine, Fitness, London, Croydon
Superwoman, Pole Fitness, upside down, Pole dance, London, Croydon

 Pole Dance - Beginner Level

(No prior pole experience required)

Monday at 6pm with Judit

Thursday at 6pm with Denise

 Pole Dance - Mixed Level

(Students must be able to hold their own body weight on the pole)

Monday at 7:15pm with Judit

Wednesday at 6pm & 7:15pm with Annabelle

Thursday at 7:15pm with Judit

Friday at 6pm & 7:15pm with Victoria

Saturday at 10am with Victoria

1 hr session

Pole Dance - Intermediate Level

(Students must be able to Invert, independently)

Saturday at 12Noon & 1:15pm with Hannah

1 hr session

Pole Flow

(Exotic and contemporary pole moves, tricks and floor work. Suitable for all levels)

Tuesday at 6pm & 7:15pm with Annabelle

1 hr session

Exotic Pole Dance Workshop

With sexy heels edition.

Sensual Floor-work / Seductive Chair / Sexy Socks Flow & many more...

Please email us for times and workshop details. We have a different exotic workshop every month.



* To postpone a session is possible with 24 hours notice. Please read our terms and conditions before booking a session