Superwoman Pole Dancing School was founded in 2013 in London with the aim to get more people to experience the joy of this kind of training form.
Maximum two students per pole dance class so you can easily achieve your goals. In these days more and more people choose  pole dancing fitness to exercise.
All different type of pole dance, pole art, pole fitness and exotic pole dance classes. 1 Person Per Pole!
Pole dancing uniquely strengthens the muscles, develops muscles, increases flexibility, improves support.

Judit and her team have helped hundreds of  girls to achieve their goals, to feel more confident, feminine, sexy and to lose weight. 

Do You Want to be the next one?

Email us on superwomanpoledance@gmail.comto book a session.


In our pole dance school we use 

Join our ZOOM Classes! Please email to book a slot.


We also accept crypto currency

With love Judit xxx

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